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Indian Black Granite Headstone

Item No.: Black Granite Tombstone
Indian Black Granite Headstone
Product parameters
Color: Black Granite
Size: Custom Cutting
Original: Xiamen, China
Finish Way: Polished
     Indian Black Granite Headstone Monument. It is a type of granite that is suitable for indoor walls, countertops, outdoor walls, and outdoor floors. Granite has a compact structure, hard texture, acid and alkali resistance, and good weather resistance, and can be used outdoors for a long time.
     Headstones granite headstone can gather all types of dirt and stains from the weather and surrounding grounds. These stains can build up overtime and lead to unsightly deposits as well as mold and fungus growth. 
     Granite is a popular material for gravestones.  It is an excellent type of stone because it is abundant and comes in a variety of colours as well as crystalline textures.
     The popular indian black granite tombstone gravestone finish way: polished finish way.
     The factory owner with more than 12 years in stone filed. Timely delivery makes you meet your good as expected. Welcome to inquiry.

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