Daleistone Tombstone Monuments

Bahama Blue Tombstone Dalei Stone

Item No.: Bahama Blue Tombstone 190715001
Bahama Blue Tombstone Dalei Stone
Product parameters
Color: Blue Color
Size: Custom Cutting
Original: Xiamen, China
Finish Way: Polished
     Bahama Blue Tombstone Monument Wholesale Dalei Stone. It is a type of granite that is suitable for indoor walls, countertops, outdoor walls, and outdoor floors. Xiamen Dalei Stone Wholesale the kind of Color Tombstone to European And USA market. 
Granite Tombstone Monuments Advantages:
1. Our granite tombstone has a uniform color and crystal grain size.
2. Hard texture, delicate, not easy to corrosion, weather resistance.
3. Tombstone stone with no cracks, no scars, colorless lines.
4. Low water absorption, stable physical and chemical properties.
5. Professional production, cheap, variety of type and colors.
     During the whole production process, from raw material choosing, fabrication to package, Our quality controller will strictly inspect each pcs and control each process to ensure quality standards. Welcome to inquiry the polished bahama blue granite headstone gravestone.

Wholesale Bahama Blue Tombstone Monument Dalei Stone


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