Dalei Pebble Stone

Black Pebble Stone

Item No.: Black Pebble Stone 19042212
Black Pebble Stone
Product parameters
Color: Black
Size: Custom Cutting
Original: Xiamen, China
Finish Way: Normal Polished
Normal Polished Black Pebble Stone.
Most Installations Take Only 1 Day! Walk on the Next!
Natural River Pebbles, Many Colors Available
Covers Cracks and Joints, Seamless Installation, Cleaner Look
Patios, Entries, Pool Decks, Garden, Driveways, Garage Floors, Walkways, Landscaping, etc.
The natural black pebble stone features: good quality, low price.
100 % natural stone, keeps the beauty of natural colors.

Natural black pebble stone dalei stone wholesale


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